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physical exercise to relieve stress

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    Smilephysical exercises helps relieve sress,especially when we perspire.it can be done outdoor and in door according to ones choice.there are many exercisesoft light  and hard.first to begin with are warming exercises before proceeding to regular exercises of your choice, depending on ones capability for selecting a choice. some may find walking,running, climbing, running, stationary jogging,sittingexercise or weightlifting and stationary cycling or doing some work in the house  is also an exercise just by working with something to repair or just moving around for accomplishment.physical exercises does many wonder to the body and our mind. after a regular workout ,you find yourself in good condition to eat and to rest and to be fully condition to play chess again. done regularly . we are always on top condition for mind and body,this all for now, thanks for your appreciated reading.

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    Hockey. Hockey. Hockey Hoooooocccckkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

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    thanks erik,for leading me to exercise com,i believe you are the founder of chesscom,nice to hear from you again sir erik.

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    hah ! no need to excerise ! take up tai chi, yoga or meditation that will relieve your stress. Tongue out 

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    Congrats on getting in shape Eric... feels great doesn't it!? I'll definitely be checking excercise.com although my problem isn't lack of excercise...it's diet Embarassed.

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    JG27Pyth wrote:

    Hockey. Hockey. Hockey Hoooooocccckkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!


     LOL!!  Now that is a great picture!  :)

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    Yay for yoga:

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    kco wrote:

    hah ! no need to excerise ! take up tai chi, yoga or meditation that will relieve your stress.  

    yeah thats good for youbecause i believe you are bald and old man.mind exercises and light movements are suited for you its according to ones liking,for me perspiration and minds set to tune the body of every muscle  and nerves for proper functioning of speed reflex and instinct of bodily function to be a better player and in top condition to play on line games and live chess. especially blitz game where i am more convenient to play.

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    calling me old man Benju13, now you are name calling tsk tsk, is not nice you know. Truth I am much younger than you. Get out of my 'note' and I have no interested in you whatsoever. If you hate me so much what the point of posting in my homepage huh?  

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    for one, I have never been mean to you in any ways. Prove it. 

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    go back to your homepage,i have already started to make  peace with  your mind.it is there for you to see. how about calling you my uncle for us to get closer.uncle?

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    Great thread!Laughing

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    no thanks, I don't want to be an uncle to you or as anything else. 

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    JG27Pyth wrote:

    Hockey. Hockey. Hockey Hoooooocccckkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!




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    akintews wrote:

    And what's with all that business about old men pumping up at taxpayer's expense? I saw something in the news today about it...

    What's "pumping up"?

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