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Rank World Champions from most physically attractive to least

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    BronsteinPawn wrote:

    1. Karlovich

    2. Kosteniuk


    Talk about women son, not men.



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    Carlsen is #1? OP is from the States or from the planet of the apes?

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    War for the planet of the apes

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    Capablanca is a straight up skeleton so you better believe he’s top of my list
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    Tal is obviously the most handsome , then lets talk Judit Polgar , after that well , uggerleee is the only word that fits , esp carlsen , this is him before he faces the world

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    ilusmte wrote:

    There's Khalifman... there's Topalov... there's Kramnik... but there is not any name of him who beaten three of them.... Where's the name of Viswanathan Anand... Mr. General Knowledge ?? I believe he is handsome than Topalov at least


    My apologies, I forgot Anand!  I have corrected my initial post, he certainly belongs in the top 10!


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