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Respect with each other

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               Helloooo Mrs. Flicker

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    Nathalie_B wrote:

    When we play chess, we should respect with each other isn't it.....

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    Yes. What you may have a doubt?

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    SmileDoes it really matter who u are playing with?Who cares if the person in the picture is really that person you are playing with.and i dont care if that pic.of Nathalie B is really her or not.but i like itTongue Out

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    Wait, I'm not a giant cat then ???? no way!!

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    Courtesy is offered; respect must be earned. I offer courtesy to everyone, even to those whom I do not respect.

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    I always type good game after I win or lose. Most people never respond because they either turn off chat or don’t care one way or the other. Not so bad on daily games. Mostly just live.
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    PrestigiousEclipse wrote:

    If every one was respectful the world be more peaceful.

    How true you are!


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