Sad case of high school chess cheating

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    So I've been looking at Clark Smiley's tournament history, and it appears he started cheating well before he was finally caught. In the span of 7 months, he went from 1200 to what would have been about 2000 by the time he was finally caught cheating. That's unheard of even for child GM prodigies, who usually take about two or three years to make that same leap.

    The first red flag comes in at the Ashburn Chess Camp Blitz. In the blitz section, he actually went down from 1129 to 1072 in rating. In the long game section, he gained a whopping 170 rating points by beating two 1700s and a 1500, moving him from 1260 to 1430 instantly. Here's the progress breakdown:

    Ashburn Chess Camp (Long games): 4 wins and 1 loss. --->1430

    August 1st Saturday Quad: Clean sweep of 4 wins. ---> 1525

    2nd Annual Ashburn Scholastics: Clean sweep of 5 wins. ---> 1640

    Ashburn Swiss 01: 3 wins and one loss to a 1900. ---> 1647

    43rd Annual Atlantic Open U1300: Clean sweep of 5 wins. --->1661

    Ashburn First Saturday Quads: Clean sweep of 3 wins. ---> 1713

    2012 Greater Mid-Atlantic Champion: Clean sweep of 5 wins. ---> 1717

    TSS20120218: Clean sweep of 4 wins. ---> 1767

    44th Annual Virginia Open. Clean sweep of 5 wins. ---> 1849

    March 1st Saturday Quad: 2 wins and a loss to a 2200. ---> 1875

    Va Scholastic and Collegiate Champs: Clean sweep of what was going to be 5 wins, busted and forfeited all games in the tournament while caught cheating on a 2100.

    Total result from games (if not caught in the last one):

    45 wins and 3 losses.

    Not included were 3 arranged "training" draws with another 1600 (shame on the TD for even logging those games in the database).

    omg I can't even rn. 7 months ago I was 1363 and now I'm 1902 USCF. Does that mean ur gonna accuse me of cheating too??? :(

    Also, in a span of 2 tournaments I went from 1157 to 1515, and it's legit (I don't cheat!!!!)

    Oh yeah.  How do I know you are not some sort of troll, HashtagFlawless?  Prove it, HashtagFlawless. 

    Although I don't know HashtagFlawless, her claim sounds reasonable. It is fairly common for young kids jump several hundred rating points in a year -- especially if they are playing alot of tournaments and have a good coach. 

    The point is the person got caught cheating at the end of the winning streak, and so therefore is likely not one of those situations where it's rapid child-prodigy progression. Get the difference now? Besides, 1200 to 2000 in 7 months is incredibly rare unless done by a sandbagger, but I know of no child that pulled it off (aside from the one that got caught cheating of course). Consider it took Nakamura almost 2 years to achieve the same progress, and he's arguably the strongest American player since Bobby Fischer.

    Nakamura is considerably stronger than Fisher ever was.

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    No not considerably stronger. Naka is slightly stronger than Fischer ever was. Nakamura's highest rating ever was 2819 while Fischer's highest ever rating was 2789. A rating difference of 30 points equates to about a 54.6 out of 100 points played, which is the equivalent of an otherwise equal opponent having White every game. 

    Today, Nakamura is rated 2787, which is statistically the same as Fischer's final rating. 

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    I don't take much stock in rating comparisons of former champions anyway. There's no way in my mind that Nakamura is stronger than Fischer was at his peak.

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    Modern Super GMs seem to be some kind of computer enhanced chess cyborgs. I don't think further comparisons between now and previous eras is fruitful.

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    Neither are/were outstandingly creative. And it's as tho' BF was not very tested and HN can't even pass it yet.

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    And altho' it's not fair to compare, I'll share on this pair, only 'cuz I care to bare my humble opinion....

    ....HN would embarrass BF in a match of today....and everyone knows it.

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    I dare to guess he (Naka) would lose the psychological duel, at least.

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    Reb wrote:

    Anyone who thinks Nakamura is stronger than Fischer at his peak has precious little chess understanding . 

    Yes, attacking anyone who disagrees with you personally is the way to prove your point.

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    Reb wrote:

    Go away hater . 

    Fine....I will.

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