Sad case of high school chess cheating

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    No not considerably stronger. Naka is slightly stronger than Fischer ever was. Nakamura's highest rating ever was 2819 while Fischer's highest ever rating was 2789. A rating difference of 30 points equates to about a 54.6 out of 100 points played, which is the equivalent of an otherwise equal opponent having White every game. 

    Today, Nakamura is rated 2787, which is statistically the same as Fischer's final rating. 

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    I don't take much stock in rating comparisons of former champions anyway. There's no way in my mind that Nakamura is stronger than Fischer was at his peak.

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    Modern Super GMs seem to be some kind of computer enhanced chess cyborgs. I don't think further comparisons between now and previous eras is fruitful.

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    Neither are/were outstandingly creative. And it's as tho' BF was not very tested and HN can't even pass it yet.

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    And altho' it's not fair to compare, I'll share on this pair, only 'cuz I care to bare my humble opinion....

    ....HN would embarrass BF in a match of today....and everyone knows it.

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    I dare to guess he (Naka) would lose the psychological duel, at least.

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    Reb wrote:

    Anyone who thinks Nakamura is stronger than Fischer at his peak has precious little chess understanding . 

    Yes, attacking anyone who disagrees with you personally is the way to prove your point.

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    Reb wrote:

    Go away hater . 

    Fine....I will.

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