Strategy books?


im looking for an strategy book which can be used as a bridge between how to reasses your chess by Silman and strategic play by Dvoretsky. 


Lately I've been enjoying Mastering Chess Strategy by GM Hellsten. I have it in ebook (it comes in cbv and pgn), which makes it really convinient to play through the examples and variations without the need to set up a board. You can also select training mode in Chessbase to guess the moves without spoilers.

The book itself has plenty of good examples and it is well organized.

As far as being a bridge between Silman and Dvorestky, I have no idea what that would be, but I have a feeling both of them would agree that going over well chosen examples is a good idea.


The strategy book that helped me most is "Pawn Structure Chess" by Andrew Soltis. It's fairly understandable from almost beginner level, but nevertheless it's very useful and has valuable information that may be used by players of different strength. Judging from your Live rating, I guess you already have very good all-round knowledge and it's likely you know the corelation between pawn structure and planning, but I would still recommend this book to you because it's very well systematized, what I think makes it suitable for tournament level players too. It may help you to have a set of basic plans and play relatively well almost any position. So give it a try if you can find it. There's some summary of it in wikipedia too: