Tal vs Kasparov 1-0 1992 moscow Blitz


since I havn't found it on the site her is the game where Tal Beat Kaspy

note Kasparov lost on time


That had to be right before he died. 

Too bad they did not play it out. 


yep about a month fore he did


Kasparov didnt lose on time after 17.Qf3.

in his book my great predecessors vol2 he puts an exclamation mark for 11th and 12th black moves and writes after 14...Bxd6:

"is it not time for white to concern himself with how to equalise?that s not what happened!"

he puts ?! for 15.Nd5 stops after 17.Qf3 and writes:

in the end black beat off the dashing attack,retaining extra material but...overstepped the time limit! 


well then where are the rest of the moves

jetfighter13 wrote:

well then where are the rest of the moves

this was a blitz game and i think they didnt keep the score.

kasparov quotes Sosonko about this game in his book:

"in Moscow three weeks later he played in a strong blitz tournament,where fate paired him with garry kasparov.tal who was already terminally ill inflicted the only defeat on the current world champion,and in the end he finished an honourable third after kasparov and bareev."(sosonko)

in our last meeting mikhail nekhemevich remained true to himself.i give the opening from memory.