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Tell Me Why You Aren't a Premium Member

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    I was all ready to make a witty (ri)post(e) on that other thread when I found I couldn't cuz I don't have a turnip!

    So I figure we have the right to talk about this stuff too.  So go ahead, fellow freeloaders:  let me know why you're leeching away like I am.

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    I went down from Platinum to Gold because of the way they have been treating you.

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    Thanks kco for your support!  I know how difficult it must be for a pirate to give up platinum... Smile

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    It wasn't that hard really, I prefer gold. Smile

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    And what the point of having videos with no subtitles huh ? 

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    I just gotta be free, man.

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    Okay, I'll admit it:  I actually find some of the ads kinda fun.

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    Heh, the main reason is because I'm a student and thousands of pounds in debt, and since you get so much for free on this site anyway ... I've always been tempted, but never enough to actually get my wallet out. Same with a lot of things!

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    Maybe we should make a video too...

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    Hey turniphead, go make a movie for all your posh pals!  This thread's for us broke blighters.

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    Aw, I think you're taking things too seriously.  Still, I understand you're under a lot of pressure where you live, what with the food and the climate.  I mean, look what it did to streetfighter... Smile

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    Wow, Malta!  Okay, how hot does it get there?  I once heard something that I found a bit hard to believe...

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    Okay, admittedly I'm not too strong on Mediterranean islands...but I heard somebody say once that on one of them it got to 122 degrees F!  Is that really possible?

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    I'm a freeloader, just of a different ilk.

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    Yes, you are that rarest of rare birds...a titled penguin. Smile

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    damn things...

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    I'm not a premium member. Wait, wrong thread.

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    Oh god, I wandered into the public restrooms by mistake again.... just think of marble sinks and back away slowly, slowly, slowly...


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