Textbook instance of punishing lack of development by opponent. Crushed in 17 moves.

 This is from one daily game that I played. The opponent had beaten me earlier but he never got going in the 2nd game that we played. This was a one move a day game, and the thoughts on the game have been mentioned in the game itself.

You keep critisizing him for moving the same piece multiple times in the opening but 2. Nf3? makes no sense to me, why not  2. exd5??

Bc if he moved 2... dxe4 you would have to move your Knight twice immediately too,  And if you moved 3. Ng5 he would've moved 3... e5 forcing your Knight to move again 4. Nxe4 

Then 4... f5 forcing you to move your Knight AGAIN

5. Nec3 Nc6 and he would've crushed YOU in development!!! 


And Bd4 is the ONLY place for your Bishop?  You HAD to trade it off immediately?  Why not Bc4, Bb5+ even Be2.....I see NO point in trading your light square Bishop immediately. 


Just what I see......I could be wrong


great game well played.


I like the 11 Bb5+ idea very much.  Even against the stouter defense 11... Kd8 White should still prevail.


In your other game against Mr Beresford 53...Kd5 was the move, your king can eat his pawns and then help your pawns promote or if he tries to defend his g pawn then your pawns just promote.

Yeah in the other game I just missed that I had moved the king to the wrong place where he promotes with check. Any move but that and we both promote one move of each other and it should be a draw. However he also found a great tactical shot earlier with the rook x bishop plan. After that having lost the advantage i just played the game very poorly from that point on

I remember analysing with an engine later and Kd8 is still given as a big advantage although I admit the way forward is still not as clear as in this line but I guess thats what makes it a stouter defense 😀


My point was you had no need to let him promote.  He can't take on c6 without letting the other pawn escape while you can stop his pawns.


Good examples of 13++ mistakes( developmental delay )

Player A will punish player B like that and vice versa.🤔🤓🤥