The Hardest Mate in 1 ever.


Dxe6 en passant 

JayeshSinhaChess wrote:

There isn't a mate in one. With checks from all pieces King has escape to h8 where it is not in check. The only way for it to be mate is if Bishop puts it in check. The only way for bishop to put the king in check is if dxe6 en passant. However we dont know that e6 was the previous move.


So in light of this lack of clarity there is no mate in one.


Hard to convince everyone here though.


Thats the problem with this puzzle. When you are thinking mate in 1, you dont think en passant. However if you conclusively show e6 as the last move, then a lot of people will stumble onto the en passant solution, thus making it not the hardest mate in 1 puzzle.


However without mention of e6 as the previous move, there just is no mate in 1.

Waredude wrote:


Yah, but not for the checkmated guywink.pnglol