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The Queens Gambit Accepted...Would you recommend it?

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    I see a lot of the Queens Gambit declined positions, and I've seen games where black fights tooth and nail to maintain the pawn that he's captured. But now I'm looking for your input. When looking at the Queens gambit I prefer the Albin Counter Gambit, but would you accept White's generous offer of a pawn?

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    I generally play the Queen's gambit declined, but there is the theory that all gambits should be accepted. So, if you want to why not?

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    I don't play it but I would-- if that makes any sense.  There are far worse openings than QGA.  There are chances for a QGA to transpose into things like the Slav or Semi-Slav, and I think it the Vienna Variation of QGD. 

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    RoseQueen1985 wrote:
    Lol wow you must be new. The Queens gambit is not a gambit at all! Black can't keep the pawn. If he tries to he loses the rook on h8,or the knight on c8,or gets a lost position from the beginning. I'm general,you don't want to capture pawns in the opening,which just aids the opponent's development. That's why it's declined so often.

    I'm not actually new to the position or chess in it of itself, just wondering on the possibiliy of Queens Gambit accepted games leading to a possible advantage for black. In any case I would think that its perfectly fine for discussion purposes, but I appreciate your response. I just thought that  there would hypothetically of course, be games where black takes the gambit but does not defend the pawn (in any case it would be more of a pawn trade) and still be able to reach a suitable position. Thinking while typing this out, I wouldn't think that a center pawn for a wing pawn (I think it's called a wing pawn) would be a very good trade at all.


    More so, I like general chess opening discussions I suppose. :P

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    QGA lines are fine, if maybe in the computer a little worse for black, but the positions are still playable if you don't try to hold onto the pawn.  I'd say check the databases to see which lines win most often.  Personally, I avoid any of the Queen's gambit lines alltogether.  I'm very likely to play the slav if I do end up getting stuck in it.

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    Most people tend to play it safe and decline. Kasparov played many variations of the Tarrasch and Tartakower with good early success. Karpov did his best to put a damper on things however.

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    If I was Petrosian...sure.

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    Odd just today I started accepting.  was wondering the same thing so thanks for asking the original question.  At my level I've been having good success even fun with it.  cheers~

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    In my opinion the queens gambit isn't really a gambit because white can easily regain the pawn with an advantage. To many people it's just natural instinct to play 2...c6, 2...Nf6, or 2...e6. Only greedy people risk taking the pawn, and greedy people don't go very far in life.

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    The QGA works well for Black, but he shouldn't try to hold on to the pawn.  It was Fischer's main defense against Spassky in their rematch.

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    there is no greed nor risk it is just a play. 

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    RoseQueen1985 wrote:
    Well you did say you saw positions in which black "fought tooth and nail" to keep the pawn which made me assume you were watching extremely beginner games,as black never tries to hold on to the pawn in the QGA. Since you mentioned that white offers a generous pawn,it sounded like you really didn't know that the pawn can't be held on to,which made me think you are new.

    Ah no worries in either case. Thanks for your responses!

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    I'm just saying, it's bad to take the pawn (hint for Soberchess)

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    Soberchess wrote:

    Odd just today I started accepting.  was wondering the same thing so thanks for asking the original question.  At my level I've been having good success even fun with it.  cheers~

    Yeah, it's very interesting indeed. I would then compare how far black gets via accepting and just declining/ Caro Kann defense but it seems that the Queens Gambit is better just leaving it alone. I always prefer to Albin Counter Gambit but that just depends on whether you want to be an aggressive or passive player as black.

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    The accepted Queen's gambit is a perfectly good choice, and yes, Black CAN try to hang to his extra pawn if he feels adventurous.

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    I've won many free pawns this way:

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    AnthonyCG wrote:

    I've won many free pawns this way:


    I wouldn't even consider playing 5...Na5 since 5...Qxd4 is available. But white need not play that cooperatively.

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    Oh sorry I wasn't paying attention. White should play 5.d5 Na5 and then maybe 6.e4.

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    Thanks for the responses guys!

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    I generally accept the gambit, but then immediately give up on the pawn.  It's an even trade in material that I feel gives a slight advantage to back.  So while white is busy of trying to get the pawn back, I often just rush the center.

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