Thought the opponent's king was in need of a walk.

3I0 game.
Nice game!
Well, when the dude plays 2...f6, it’s clear he’s not very good. But nice game anyway!

people still play the Damiano defence?

Nice game, love the title.

Why did you not just play 11. hxg5#?


The king looked like he could do with some more walking.


Actually had not calculated hxg5#. The # I had calculated there was a longer one.


black can just bust white with 6...d5. then he  misses a mate in one. ohhhh good lord!



@Lenin-R-Zeppelin 6...d5 is by NO MEANS "busting" White. He maintains a very strong attack for the piece and a large positional advantage. See below:

These may not be the best moves, but it goes to show that 2...f6? is a very bad move. If anybody wants to look it up, it's known as "Damiano's Defence".


well if i had black from there, i'd have busted white up something horrible real quick.

white already showed he can't find obvious moves, like mate in one.

Lenin-R-Zeppelin έγραψε:

black can just bust white with 6...d5. then he  misses a mate in one. ohhhh good lord!


6...d5 avoids immediate disaster, but still loses.

See #9, although 10.Qa5! is stronger than 10.Qd5: White gets back the piece and remains some 4 pawns up with much the better position.


I love my opponent to play 2...f6 all the time.

it doesn't lose to the opee!! i'm not going to play 2.....f6 against Gary Kasparov!

@Lenin - Calm down dude. You have probably played chess all your life, I have been playing for about a year now. So some moves are not as obvious to me as they are to you. I saw that I was winning his queen and that was good enough for me. His king where it was and with his queen out of that way, I was as good as won there.


That being said, after the mate in 1 miss, if I play white from that position and you play black I would still win. If you think I would lose to you in that position a whole queen up, then you are just being silly.

calm down!! i am not taking all this abuse without retaliation!!

No one here abused anyone. Well at least you didnt deny you would fail to win from the point of mate in 1. Which was the whole point of your rant anyway. Oh he missed mate in 1, now d5 will destroy him.



thats a bit below the belt, don't you think ?


I didn't think it was or I wouldn't have typed it. Having said that if you think it was then don't fret over it. Didnt mean it as an insult or anything.


The point was that even if I missed mate in 1, I still got his queen.