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To Troll Or Not To Troll ???

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    corrijean wrote:

    I always wonder why there is continual confusing of the terms troll and spammer.

    Trolls try to elicit a negative response.

    Spammers try to overwhelm a troll with nonsense.

    You should teach a night class on it, @Corrijean.  Some of us still need that training.  Smile

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    netzach wrote:
    DrSpudnik wrote:

    It's a good thing I only pester trolls. They seem to enjoy it.

    I think they like/seek the attention...

    Until they block you.

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    Credit is hard to come by these days. Money mouth

  • #285

    To paraphrase the late Dom DeLuise " No credit, please throw money "  lol ( my spelling might be a bit off there, sorry Dom ). 

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    He told me to tell you that he forgave you...this is a troll forum right?

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    Thanks for the recent posts. Well this is a thread set up for having fun and there have been lots of people visiting here. Were any of them Trolls ? I guess only the Shadow knows  lol. 

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     Mr Cabadenwurt asked: Were any of them Trolls ?


    At the main congregation hall.

  • #289

    None showed up at the hall. They were busy.

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    Thanks for the posts.

    I once heard the following rumor: " Players play, Coaches coach, Teachers teach and Trolls will troll ( Deep, very Deep  lol ).   

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    The other day I changed my brand of bathroom tissue and somehow this thread came to mind ( yup it's time for some bathroom humour ).

    This is an old joke but some people may not have heard it yet: " How is this toilet paper like John Wayne ? --- Well it's rough and tough and won't take S*** off anybody ! " Laughing 

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    For that use handiwipes.  Very effective.  Endorsed by JW, were he still alive.

  • #293

    Thanks for the post Zborg.

    Speaking of bathroom homour, using the toilet up there in the Space Station must be quite interesting. I wonder if they bring the waste products back to Earth ? Smile

  • #294

    Maybe that's what hit Chelya...no, never mind.

  • #295

    Of course gravity would in time pull any of these " waste products " back to the Earth. A cute song that came out years ago was entitled " Pennies From Heaven " but in this case it would be " Fertilizer From Heaven ". Surprised 


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