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To Troll Or Not To Troll ???

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    with great dolor.

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    Re flags I like the ones used by the different Provinces here in Canada ( plus our cheerful Maple Leaf of course ). I also like the Imperial flag used in pre 1918 Germany, including their Naval version as well.

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    some of the canadian provincial flags are top notch.


    and that's just a start.

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    i could look at canadian flags for hours (or at least several minutes)

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    Trolls are bad.

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    Capablanca's flag versus Alekhine's flag:



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    flag deconstruction.  

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    Finland has a secret awesome flag that they use when nobody is looking:

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    Everyone Thanks for the posts. There are some very nice flags there ( and some very very nice flag-wearers  lol ). 

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    well hello

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    this might be the wrong thread for this but...

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    Just lay back and think of England!

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    This Thread is better than "Will All Trolls Post Here Please."  Laughing

    Faster out of the gate, too.

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    Thanks for the recent posts. Thanks for the complement Kborg but we must give the credit to Mr.Skakespeare. All I did was paraphrase a couple of lines from him and we were off and running !!! ( Ah the power of the Bard lol ).

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    oooh fiona is looking powdered

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    i'd mingle


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