Touch Move - Check!


I help out with my son's elementary school chess club, so I'm witness to, interesting moves.  A couple weeks ago, someone picked up his queen, moved it to a square attacking his opponent's king, and without letting go of the piece, said "Check!"

Then he realized it was a bad move and basically said "never mind," ending up moving the queen elsewhere.  Since he never let go of the piece, if he hadn't said "check" it would have been perfectly fine.  But since he said "check", it's more interesting.

What do you all think?  Is this a touch-move violation?  If a person says check, are they obligated to make a move that results in check?  (assuming it was not an accident, thinking it was check when it wasn't)


I don't know of any rule that would force him to move it to a place that gives check.

There isn't a rule that  you have to say check, and other than kids and beginners playing, it's not normally announced.


The old rule was that if you set the piece down on a square, you had to move to that square, but now you just have to move the piece. 

Announcing "check" has no meaning whatsoever under the rules.  Most players with any experience never announce it.


Read the rules ... how boring.....