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    The songs are good, but I disagree with the notion that zborg made a good post. And it's not just because he falsely accused me of 'pretending to offer a public service announcement' or the thread being lame. I'll give him portions of the thread were lame...due to his participation with the false accusations.

    I also disagree with setting the ratings to beat up on lower rated players to gain only 5 or 6 points with a win and lose 10-15 for a loss, needing to win the 2 of 3 as a good strategy.

    I think it's better to play stronger opponents even if the rating suffers temporarily to improve your overall chess strength. The benefits of the 10-15 points gained and only 5 or 6 points lost, means you only have to win one of three to maintain your rating and you get the benefit of playing with stronger players too.

    But, it's good to get a good cross section of the different strategies so people can pick the one that works best for them.


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