What are the 5 most common sports injuries in Chess?


Asking for a friend.

These are the 5 ,win injuries I have heard of-

1. Lack of social activity and friends (Social injury)
2. Mental injuries, inc-
-shouting at random priests and bishops when they don't walk diagonally
-avoiding castles in fear that they will move forewarn and flatten you
-after walking to the end of a black and white tiled floor shouting at the owner to be promoted
-the inability to ride horses without either trying to only move in L's or being too scared a pawn will fly from the sky and take your horse
-only seeing in black and white
3. You may enter rigamoses whilst still alive during a classical game and never be able to move again.
4. Your wrist may fall off when playing bullet or constantly try to move pieces when away from the board. (Parkinson's disease)
5. Sleep deprivation as you keep trying to think about moves, or start a game at 21:00 that has no time limits and only ends at 05:00. People have also become hallucinated by the black and white squares.

Be careful when playing chess.

It's dangerous.