What is Consider a Good Chess Rating on this Site?

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    matzleeach wrote:

    What is consider a good rating on the site. Well, I think if you are rated above 1800 then you are a good chess player. If you are rated 1500-1799 then you are average. What do you think?

    I think using this standard, I'm a bad chess player. I'm going to stop playing chess. Whats the point of playing if you are bad? 

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    Ur ratings wont save you idiots, just play like hell and give evry one the death they deserves BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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    Im 944. is that good?

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    No. I have good ratings, except at bullet, but I'm not very good at chess.

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    Ziryab wrote:
    LisaV wrote:

    No, 1810 is awesome.  ;)

    If I were 1810, I would quit and take up something at which I had some skill.

    Should've taken your joking advice.... 

    1631 now  Laughing

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    ozzie_c_cobblepot wrote:

    I see it's return of the five-year-old topic day.


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    I miss Nurse Ratchet.

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    MatthewA-05 wrote:

    Im 944. is that good?

    it's good to one rated 844

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    This is a weird thread. Seems like people think their blitz rating here is underrated vs their OTB rating. I'm the absolute opposite. My OTB rating is much much worse than my bullet and blitz ratings here.
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    i haven't read the whole thread, but, i would submit that players run the spectrum. some are better at faster games and vice versa. especially when one considers most of us here are hacks. even though your 1900 rating is impressive (to me) q, very few of us are masters and have command of the game at virtually any time control.

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    QKBKR, there have been surveys done which shows that on average, blitz ratings here are a bit lower (iirc, less than 100 points difference on average) than OTB ratings. But the correspondence between online blitz and OTB standard chess ratings is the most reliable. Of course, those are just averages, and there are others like you who have the opposite experience. 

    The least reliable measure of OTB strength is of course correspondence chess. 

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    Enjoy chess and don't care too much about ratings. I know it's addictive but the most important thing is to love the game. After all , most of us are not professionals and will never be!

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    @SmyslovFan, thank you I did read that article and surveys but my experience is completely different. I can't seem to translate blitz strength into OTB strength. It could be something psychological
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    crossfire251 wrote:

    Enjoy chess and don't care too much about ratings.


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    A good rating is always the one that I will have tomorrow, except when I've lost so many games in a row that yesterday's rating was good.

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