What is Consider a Good Chess Rating on this Site?

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    thegreat_patzer wrote:
    pvdl wrote:

    The number for a good rating is dependent on what pool you are talking about. For example the 5 min and 3 min pools are much tougher than the 10 15 or 30 min pools.


    In the 5 min or 3 min blitz pools a good rating in my opinion is anything above 1900. A great rating is anything above 2100. 

    one thing that always confuses me, is when people come up with a firm number for "a good rating"

    is this number based on a percentile?

    anyways, surely, 1900 for the 3-5minute blitz is very good.  perhaps better than 97-98% of the whole site.

    that seems off. to pick a number above just about everybody.

    I can think of other measures of defining good.

    Have you considered the simple- a "Good" Chessplayer is 400 rating points above the average rating.  so what would that be- the average rating is about 1100?

    then blitz 1500....  and someone at that ready would easily beat the "average" blitz player.


    The average is distorted, because many people just create an account and dont play regularly. Thus the averages displayed are misleading. Averages for regular players  are not available as far as I know. 


    For the purpose of this discussion ratings should be based on the 5 min or 3 min pools, as those are comparable to FIDE ratings. 


    I think anybody who plays regularly needs to be above 1900 elo to be considered a good chess player. This 1900 rating is in the middle of the rating range for class A players: 1800-1999.


    Good for me is a class A player. Good is not very good (Expert) or excellent (Master classes). If good is neither an expert nor a master, I think class A would make sense. 

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    thegreat_patzer wrote:

    90% approximately = 400 above average blitz

    very convenient coincidence. 

    Why would you think that is coincidence? It comes out of the math in the Glicko rating system.

    I understand that Glicko is an improvement on Elo, but essentially similar. Elo gives a player rated 200 above an opponent 75% win odds. Take the inverse and double it to get 15/16 chance of winning at +400.

    Since the nominal average player starts at 1200, 1600 should be the 94th percentile.

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