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What is "Glicko RD"?

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    What is "Glicko RD" that appears in one's stats?? 

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    It's the uncertainty in your rating (if you're familiar with statistics, it's similar to the standard deviation).

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    It's a measure of uncertainty in your rating. It goes up if you don't play much (or are new), and it goes down if you play a lot. The higher your opponent's is, the less your rating is affected by the game.

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    Of course Glicko assumes. Glicko (and the Elo rating it is based off of) are Bayesian estimates. Bayesian statistics is based on assuming a prior distribution. Of course, this means that all Bayesian estimates are what statisticians call biased: they are not the most likely estimate. The ammount of the bias depends on the discrepancy between the prior distribution and the actual distribution, which will vary from pool to pool.

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    My current Glicko RD is:


    Sometimes, I got a Glicko RD 22, up to 21, as I, usually, plays a few hundred games, and plays them fast.Current games now is 602 in progress.I do not saw here anyone higher on that, yet...Good Luck to you!


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