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What Records or Achievements Have You Done in Chess or nonChess?

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    Tied for first place in a 7 round robin with 10 people, where I was seeded as nr. 10. In first round I had to play the highest-rated with black. He was outplayed after 28 moves.

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    how can you have a 7 round round robin with 10 players? That should be 9 rounds...

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    If the top three players are banned after the first round, the event should conclude in seven rounds.

  • #204
    ponz111 wrote:

    Socialista  Great Start to your over the board rated experiences!

    Thanks Fonz!

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    Today I played my second fide rated tournament (valid for blitz elo), it was the blitz teams national  championship.

    I won against a NM in the first round (I just knew that he was a master and his rating some minutes ago by watching at chessresults).

    I got 4+ 3- 0= against an average opposition of 2142.


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    Socialista  4-3 against an average rating of 2142 is wonderful you are orogressing!

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    ponz111 wrote:

    Socialista  4-3 against an average rating of 2142 is wonderful you are orogressing!


    I finish 4-3 but there's a mistake in chessresults now that I check, I got 4-3 but the average opposition was lower.

    Well at least I beat the NM Embarassed

  • #208

    My greatest 'chessachievement' is getting the idea for a chessvariant when I was an absolute 0 in chess. I played once a year and then I knew again why I hardly played chess..

    But then I got an idea: what if you could conquer the chessboard, get income and buy new pieces?

    Then I started to work out the idea and soon realised that this could never become a good game if I didnt understand what chess was about. So I started to read on chess, asked others for advice and after some time the rules kind of created itself.

    I hired a programmer to make it and it had some faulty stuff, but the game itself seemed fun. Even some 2000+ rated people where enthusiastic about it!

    Now for already a year version 2 is in the make and I should really put more effort into it. Will do, but Im busy.. and I play to much standard chess. But in all: I was proud to create a variant that even stands for 2000+ rated people when I was absolutely clueless about chess.

    These are the rules btw: http://www.chess.com/groups/forumview/standard-rules-of-economy-chess

  • #209

    Today I made a draw against a 1915 with black in the national team's league. After losing a piece in the move 6!, I got a rook endings with 2 against 4 pawns.

    I don't know if it's an achievement because I got the draw, or is an embarrasement for losing a piece so early.

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