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What TC do you use for OTB non-tournament?

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    I like to play G/60 or G45. Please tell me how you get used to sitting for hours in the tournament.

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    "Play longer practice games" seems the obvious answer.

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    Have you never played chess for hours?  You can do this with blitz games too.  Or do you mean how do you effectively use the extra time at tournaments?

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    I play Chess for 4-6 hours every single day. I play blitz seldom. I'm 54 and like to play very slow. Example: Today, like most every day, I got up at 7:00AM and played til 9:30AM. Before the rest of this day is through, I will play at least 3 more hours.

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    In a tournament, I don't sit for hours.  I frequently get up and stroll around the room and check out the other games, occasionally step outside the playing hall to converse with a director or friend briefly.  It's better for the circulation.

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    I almost never play OTB non-tournament except for blitz games between rounds at OTB tournaments. So usually 5 0 or 3 2. 

    Online I tend to ike 15 0 and 30 30 over blitz.  

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    I see.  Well my answer is the same as Estragon's.  Very few people sit at the board the entire game.  Get up and do a lap around the room now and then to stay fresh.  Go get a refill of water/coffee, check out the standings/pairing sheet, etc.


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