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What time do you play your best chess?

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    SmyslovFan wrote:

    Between 11:15am and 11:16am. I'm good for about a minute.

    I meant a game -___-

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    Griever3216 wrote:

    Nooooooooo! You beat me to the joke by 4 minutes SymslovFan.

    Tongue Out

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    Afther good lunch.Chiken or fish and fried potatoes.

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    At night, when everybody else is in their beds. Nice and quiet.

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    Do you mean in real otb tournaments or internet chess?

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    My mind feels the most active in the evening and at night, so I would say in the evening and at night.

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    About three years ago.

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    I think the best at nighttime around 11 am to 1 am.

    But if theres a chess tournament or something important the next day, I sleep a lot to be able to think in the morning.


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