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What was the best advice given to you in chess

  • #741

    rust in je geest / rest in your mind

  • #742

    Never give up do not look at opponent rating.

  • #743

    Always use your brain, otherwise you will lose. I have not done this many times, and lost.

  • #744

    Stop playing that godforsaken game!!  circa 1990ish

  • #745

    Also, good point mentioned above. I try not to see my opponents rating before I play. I wish TD's wouldn't keep putting them next to all the names on the pairing charts.

  • #746

    Don't underestimate the endgame knowledge (or the speed) of 10 year old chess players.  Been there.  Done that.

  • #747

    Ignore Bobby Fischers non-chess expertise.

  • #748

    Don't lose

  • #749

    Don't quit your day job.


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