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Who else with Average IQ sucks at Chess ( lol ) ?

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    Thanks for the posts.

    A new thread here states: " Players Who Suck At Chess Should Play Checkers ". By this logic over 90% of all Golf courses will now have to be closed as well over 90% of all players in that sport are not very good ( kick the can will be their new sport, sorry fellows & ladies  lol).  

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    The May issue of " Chess Life " has a feature on the Las Vegas Chess Festival which mentions GM Timur Gareev who had in mind playing 10 blindfold games ( Simultaneous boards ). I gather that he plans to keep working at blindfold Chess and someday to try to set a new world record of 64 simultaneous boards ( a bit of memory capacity needed there I would say  Wow ! ). 

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    We have a thread on the go now entitled : " 10,000 hour rule Debunked ! ". This is great news because the new theory seems to be that either you have or you don't. So don't spend a lot of time studying because if you don't improve by playing a few games here and there it means that you do not have it ( whew, what a relief  lol ). 

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    I see that we now have a thread here entitled " Petition to create an only 1800 plus rated Sub-forum ". Or perhaps what we need is a petition to stop the creation of stupid petitions ? This thread was started because somebody had created a thread for the " upper-class ", are we going back to that now ? 

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    cabadenwurt wrote:

    ... perhaps what we need is a petition to stop the creation of stupid petitions ?

    I'll sign that one!

    I have above-average IQ, so my degree of suckery at Chess is also above average.

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    blueemu wrote:
    cabadenwurt wrote:

    ... perhaps what we need is a petition to stop the creation of stupid petitions ?

    I'll sign that one!

    I have above-average IQ, so my degree of suckery at Chess is also above average.

    --- Thanks for the post Blueemu.

    In my opinion the main question is in regards to the enjoyment of playing Chess ( my thread on Oldtimers goes into the other reason that I play Chess ). Those people not trying to make a living from the Game of Chess do not need to take failures at Chess too much to heart. I like to compare Chess to Golf, I mean how many golfers could play on the same course as Tiger Woods ( & not get laughed off the course ? ). As for playing Chess on the internet, well I have often told people that there are no titles being earned here  lol.  

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    On the one hand there is a moth and a flame, on the other hand there is old cabby and the darn IQ question  lol.

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      " Chess Must Be Compulsory In Schools " is tha title of a recent thread on this site. Well that might be going a bit too far. Having said that I do feel that Chess should be offered in all Schools for those kids that want to learn the game, starting off in Grade One. 

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    We seem to get a lot of threads on this site about the possibility of becoming a Grandmaster. Some people have even said that anyone can become a GM. Well it is also possible for pigs to fly ( it is difficult for the chubby critters to get airborne tho  lol ). On the GM thing however in would probably be better to start with a lower level of a title such as CM ( Candidate Master ) prior to going to try out for a NM or IM or GM. One must learn to walk before one can run ( good luck with that GM thing tho  lol ). 

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    We have an interesting thread on the go here now entitled " Is there an upper limit to Chess ? " Well the answer to that question is quite simple for those of you that are studying a lot and playing quite often ( & have some talent in the field of Chess ). As you improve and then improve even more, etc, your rating will get higher and higher and in time you might work your way up to the level where you earn a title. Then in time ( if you keep improving according to the 10,000 hour rule ) you may be able to play for the World title and if you beat Carlsen or whoever is World Champ at that time in the future, you will be very very close to that upper limit ( btw, please keep us posted when you do get a title and then start gaining on the World Champ  lol ).

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    So I'm playing a nice happy little 30 minute game earlier today. We had both made 9 moves each and both of us had about 26 minutes left with the game being very even. The other fellow then lets all of the time run down ( ie: makes no more moves ). It might be quite interesting to do an IQ test on that type of person ( I mean what is the point of being that goofy in a game ? ). Not very logical at all. Perhaps they might need a " small " boost of some extra IQ ?   

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    One group of people that interest me are Singers. Of course these folks do have the ability to sing ( ie: carry a tune  lol ) however they also need to have a very good memory. That is to say they need to be able to memorize the words to dozens or even hundreds of songs. The need to have a good memory in the field of Chess has been covered in this thread, but what about in other fields ? Say for example that you are the lead actor in play on Broadway and need to remember a lot of lines ( Romans countrymen ... ). How about Taxi drivers in London ? To get the job you need to pass a test to be able to find a large number of locations in that city from memory. Or suppose you dismantle bombs for a living ? ( should I cut the green wire or perhaps the red wire, oh oh ... Boom  lol ).   

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    So I was recently visiting over on YouTube and saw a news item about a guy who is estimated to have an IQ near 200 ( yup I said 200   lol ). The news clip mentions that average would be around 100 with 130 to 140 being near-genius ( and I guess over 140 is therefore a genius rating ). Btw the fellow that the news item is about is named  Chris Langan.

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    There is also a list up on YouTube entitled " Top 10 Smartest People in the World " ( no Chris Langan in not mentioned ). Stephen Hawking just barely makes the list at # 10 with an IQ of 160. There are 2 Chessplayers on the list, Judit Polgar is listed at # 7 with anIQ of 170. Gary Kasparov holds the # 5 spot being rated at 190. Top spot goes to Terrence Tao rated at an IQ of 230. If most people are in the 100 to 110 rating then Tao is double that in his level of IQ, I wonder if he plays Chess ?

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    I see there is a thread on the go now where under 1500 level players are not welcome. Hey We Exist Too You Know !!!. What a bunch of Meanies   lol.

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    Thanks for the posts.

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    Destroyer_Mark_1420 wrote:

       ---   Thanks for the post Destroyer_Mark_1420 ( a nice quick read   lol ).


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