Who is the worst chess player ever?

Unprofessional121212 wrote:

Who's the worst chess player ever?

He is now here. Because I am him.

actually its me because look at the game i posted that i played.(i was black not white)


I found an improvement to Aristotle's metaphysics: the worst player is not the "loser" but the "non-player", so if the essence of the game is recreational fun, then it could be your engine,especially when you take a peek during the game.

But when does Torch arrive?


I do not think i am the worst Because I am Literally 500 But i can sometimes Draw Or Win a Game If i am in a Good Mood Like Against the bot Antonio




let's be real: there is no real answer


Purely by accident I found him a while ago. At first I thought he was just a terrible player, but he was worse than that. The more I looked at his games, the more it became obvious that none of his moves make any sense ever. I don't believe a topic like this serves a purpose and I won't disclose his identity. It's just fun to know he exists and that I found him. Occasionally, I check on him to see how he's doing.

NN is a player that has a string of losses spanning 400 years.

I like your answer😄👍


Hey there! So, picking the "worst" chess player is kind of like choosing the least spicy pepper – everyone's got their own flavor! We're all on this chess journey, making moves and sometimes, oops, blunders – just like burning the toast in the kitchen! Instead of getting into the worst of it, how about we swap stories on epic chess fails or dive into some cool game strategies? By the way, I've got this chess hideout called "Arjun Chess" on the web. It's where I spill my thoughts on all things chess. Check it out when you've got a moment, and let me know what you think!


The Weakest is Probably this guy



Ya know, i have a friend who plays the bongcloud opening all the time. Idk how he still has a high rating. His name is: