Why am I so bad at chess?


I am so tired of being below 400. It's getting so old playing to lose. I play good openings that I've studied like the caro-kann and sicilian dragon defenses and I hate playing white because I can't play any good openings as white. I don't know any good strategies. I've tried watching other people like Gothamchess play but I can't find any good move like nearly everyone that plays chess. I thought too that 800 was a good rating for chess but it's actually a bad rating from what I've heard. I need to learn how to play chess the right way. I want to actually win instead of play to lose every game.



"I am so tired of being below 400." ++ Blunder check before you move.
That little mental discipline alone is enough to reach 1500.

"I play good openings"
++ You do not win or lose because of the opening, but because of tactical mistakes.

"caro-kann and sicilian dragon" ++ Both are good, ditch one keep the other.

"I hate playing white" ++ Play 1 a3 and pretend you play black.

"I've tried watching other people like Gothamchess" ++ Video is passive learning. You cannot learn to swim, to ride a bicycle or ride a car from a video, you have to do it. Chess is the same.

"I need to learn how to play chess the right way." ++ Study Chess Fundamentals - Capablanca

"I want to actually win" ++ Focus on not losing first, wins will follow.


You won't learn anything from Gotham; he is just entertainment, if that's what entertains you. Your attitude is totally wrong. Chess is a learning experience over a lifetime, combined with natural talent. Why do you need to be good so quickly? Are you about to lose a bet with someone? What a silly attitude.


If you're trying to get better at chess then you're good at chess. 🙂♟️


I feel you. I think I'm done as well. There are to many playing perfect chess at low eilo its very suspicious imo.


1. Most members on this site are pretty bad.

2. Openings are not your problem. You are dropping pieces. So are your opponents. Stop dropping them and start taking those dropped by your opponents.

3. Play through the games of Gioachino Greco and Paul Morphy

tygxc wrote:

"I need to learn how to play chess the right way." ++ Study Chess Fundamentals - Capablanca

Excellent advice!


Smortchesssnake that is true as I Am tired being 600


You can get to 600 just by not making 1-move blunders. Take a deep breath before every move and check if your piece can be taken.

At this rating you don't need tactics or openings. Just wait until you opponents blunders something and take it.

I was real bad at chess when I started long have you had a chess account?

You don't have to learn openings now. Chess is not memorizing game, and in your level most players will not know about openings. They will not follow opening lines, and it means you have to win with your skills, not knowledge.

Focus on middlegame techniques instead. Openings are just for getting into middlegame with better position.


Watch @HangingPawns , @ChessTalk , @RemoteChessAcademy and DO NOT WATCH GOTHAM IF U WANT TO IMPROVE...


Eric Rosen's speedrun in one of the most instructive offerings on YouTube at present.