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Why do player stare at each other like a psycho?.

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    Lol, I said Clint Eastwood not Clint Howard.

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    Bicarbonatofsoda wrote:

    definately the eyes were right, the shoes are nearly there, something about the colours though, kinda faggitty

    Maybe you could instruct us as to the proper non-faggy color schemes.

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    When men were men, no doubt

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    We need a time machine

  • #65

    does equal mean earth tones?

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    Obviously for some percieved psycological edge. Probably works quite well against children.

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    Why would an adult be intimidated by someone staring at them over  chess board?

  • #68

    In what way does that answer itself?

  • #69

    I'm asking why it would intimidate someone.

  • #70

    Obviously, that's why I'm asking you.

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    The first time I asked, just an adult.

    Now since you have said you can see why, I suppose you.

    I can see why it may work with younger kids, I just don't see why being started at across a chessboard would intimidate an adult. You do, so I am asking why.

    Not sure why confusion has arisen.

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    It works with adults in a big way khant

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    I suppose I'll find out when I head to an OTB tournament soon.

  • #74

    Of cousre it's not..to us anyway..but as khant has never stared at anyone..well what can he possibly understand about such matters

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    Well, I haven't played one since I was around 11. It didn't intimidate me then so I am assuming it won't now.

    You're right though, what could I possibly know. Maybe I'll go along and tremble my way to a horrible result.

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    so you feel nothing when someone stares at you?

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    The guys made of steel you'll need a bigger cat

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    Sh*t man! You can be white honest.

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    Stevie65 wrote:

    so you feel nothing when someone stares at you?

    I could see how it might be irritating.

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    Yeah, ok, the second cat might have done it. Even then I think I'd be more concerned that a cat was beating me at chess.


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