Wins/Losses % with different openings


Is there any easy way to discover one’s success rate when using certain openings? The only way I can think of is to look at each result and see how I started each game. I suppose I could check the most recent 100 games and add them up, which wouldn’t take all that long ….

I know that at my skill level it’s a mistake to focus on this too much but it’s just out of “what killed the cat”Laughing


Sure is.

Learn>Game Explorer.

Drop down box that says Master Games, change to 'My Games'.


Yeah, Game Explorer does that, when you change from Master Games to My Games


Makes me wonder why I stopped playing the Ruy.


Not because I thought it was bad, just because in online games you get games with 20 moves theory, switched to the Italian where most lines are pretty simple and use classical theory, but there are also aggressive lines.


When I get to GM perhaps I'll switch back. For now it seems OK.




I did a manual check over the last month and discovered that while my winning % is 55 with white and only 48 with black, since I started playing the French I’ve won 5 out of 9 with it Smile


I play the ruy and the french haha