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Worst excuses for losing

  • #41

    By accident, I time traveled to the point my clock will run out of time.

  • #42

    To be fair, I have had mouse issues in the past. My biggest thing is when they lag switch...that irritates me

  • #43

    I fainted.

  • #44

    the colors were switched and I checkmated myself.

  • #45

    I was the opponent. and also checkmated myself

  • #46

    You are my past-self. I lost to you so that you won't cry.

  • #47

    I'm drunk!

  • #48

    I wasn't in a good mood.

  • #49

    I was sleeping and I didn't know I was touching a piece 

  • #50
    Guevara_johnpaul wrote:

    Someone Turn of Our wifi.

    I turned of you wifi. But i use the same wifi so i also lost.

  • #51
    I had all the right moves but not necessarily in the right order
  • #52

    The lights were out and i thought my king was my queen

  • #53

    I swapped your king and queen while you were away for a moment, trying to send your king in danger, only to realize that your king was near mine, subjecting myself to checkmate.

  • #54

    I had to go to the washroom and my dad shut the computer down

  • #55

    I never lose. who wanna smoked?!


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