Would a 2000 ELO player beat Kasparov if he had a piece advantage?

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    Let's say a bishop, or a knight.


    What do you think? (I'm asking those players who have at least such ELO)

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    How extensive is this calculus that puts pieces on the same plane as differences in rating?  It would be nice to have a table that would allow us to look up any two ratings and see an approximate difference in terms of pieces.  I wonder, for example, how much of an advantage a 1700 would need to be favored over Kasparov.

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    I doubt it, Kasparov gave a simul to the Czech team, and won. How can he not beat a 2000 player down a knight?

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    Kasparov, even now, out of practice, could beat a 2000 ELO without his queen.

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    A piece is a piece... so i would expect a 2000 ELO could beat Kasparov. Unless, of course, Kasparov sends some critical attack that dominates the 2000 ELO guy.

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    Perhaps we can try an experiment. Pfren or Joeydvivre should try playing against one of the strong chess engines at a strength of around 2800 and see if they can win an odds game (without takeback). Then post the game here.

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    It depends on the piece and scenario.

    His color + piece he loses

    White + knight = win or draw (for Kasparov)

    White + bishop = win or draw

    Black + knight = any result

    Black + bishop = draw or loss

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    joeydvivre wrote:

    Hmm..not sure I agree with IM pfren.  Kaufman says a piece is worth about 1000 ELO to an IM but it degrades as you go down the scale.  So Kaufman a 2400 player believes that he can give up a knight to an 1800 player and be even.  An 1800 is even with a 1400 at knight odds and so on.  So 2800 Kasparov vs 2000 expert...it's close.  But I bet if they did it very often the expert could get better at it and gain an edge.  


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    A piece would not be nearly enough. It would take the Queen.

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    Nimzowitch was known to give earthlings à rook advantage but asked A2-A3 in return. Hè then always played italian game where THE pawn on A3 made that Bb4 was not possible after THE central Exchange and people had to play Bb6 and hè demonstrated then THE well known pawn roller plus king attack and always won... Hè was à trickster...

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    White has a 1/2 pawn advantage. About 50 USCF rating points. A pawn is worth about 100 USCF points.

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    À new chess rating system! In summary I learned today on chess.com :

    Fide ELO = USCF + 150

    USCF 50 = 1/2 pawn

    So fide 1850 = 20 pawns !

    How many pawns are you?

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    I wouldn't find it hard to convert an extra piece into a win, even if I were playing Kasparov. Provided I have much time to think (the regular 1:30 +15s.) I don't think I'd make huge blunders that would give Kasparov an edge. It's just about simplyfying.

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    Robots Cannot take their engine with them OTB.

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    You also have to differentiate -- Kasparov now or Kasparov in his prime. In his prime I can't image one piece would be enough for any 2000 ELO player to beat him. At that time he was arguably the best chess player in the history of the game. My guess is he would get it out of book quickly and use his huge tactical edge to get the piece back. If the 2000 could simplify he would have a chance but obviously Kasparov would make that difficult.

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    Could you play an engine such as fritz etc. at knight odds?

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