YOUR IQ compared to" World Chess Champion" Garry Kasparov ..


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There is substantial research to support the idea that chess players are better problem solvers.  That many players have a higher IQ as well ;                        

That said I thought it would be fun to see how players did when compared to Garry Kasparov IQ Laughing

Some sources give Garry Kasparov, a renowned chess player, an IQ between 185 and 190. But in 1987-88, the German magazine Der Spiegel went to considerable effort and expense to find out Kasparov's IQ. Under the supervision of an international team of psychologists, Kasparov was given a large battery of tests designed to measure his memory, spatial ability, and abstract reasoning. They measured his IQ as 135 and his memory as one of the very best.  


Test Yourself! 

The following test allows you to compare your IQ with that of World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov. The ten questions are based on a test he took. 

1. Which is the odd one out?
Salmon, whale, shark, trout, pike 

2. Insert the two missing numbers:

3. Which is the odd one out?
Venus, Saturn, Hermes, Pluto, Uranus 

4. Choose the word to complete the sentence:
Hearing is to acoustics as seeing is to ???????? 

5. Complete the row of numbers:

6. Who is the odd one out?
Haydn, Mahler, Aristotle, Brahms, Stravinsky 

7. Which is the odd one out?
Paris, Washington, Oslo, Cairo, Bombay, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin 

8. Which is the odd number out?

9. Insert the missing letter:

10. Complete the following number sequence:
 4,  6,  9, 13
 7, 10, 15, ?? 

answers are in the next box  down


Q Test Solutions 

1. Whale. The whale is the only mammal.
2. 90, 93. The numbers alternately increase by 3 or double.
3. Hermes. All the others are planets in the solar system.
4. Optics. Acoustics is the science of sound, optics of light.
5. 39. Each subsequent number is obtained by doubling the previous one and then subtracting a number which increments by one each time (e.g. 3x2 - 1 = 5; 5x2 - 2 = 8; 8x2 - 3 = 13 etc.)
6. Aristotle. All the others are composers.
7. Rio de Janeiro. Rio is in the southern hemisphere. All the others are in the northern hemisphere.
8. 197. All the other numbers are perfect squares.
9. J. If the letters are replaced by their position in the alphabet, we get the sequence 2, 5, 10, 17, 26. Each of these numbers is a square number plus one.
10. 22. The upper row numbers increment by 2, 3 and 4. The lower row by 3, 5 and 7. 

Now check your score against the following chart: 

Correct answers   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10
IQ rating         82  90  98 106 115 124 133 142 151 160 

Scoring 100 is average, while 130 is in the genius range (see chapter 1 of the book). Kasparov took a similar test and registered an IQ of 135.




I got 6 right so my IQ on this test is 124 :)


i got all 10, but i cheated and looked at the answers first :)


Me versus Kasparov? heh, heh , heh ....


lol thats the way !


Pawndown what was the score ?


Question two is 30, 33, not 90, 93.


I just cut and pasted it assuming this was correct. I got that one wrong anyway ...You are a smart lady and I love how articulate you are too what is your score ? If you want to say .....:)

MsJean wrote:

I just cut and pasted it assuming this was correct. I got that one wrong anyway ...You are a smart lady and I love how articulate you are too what is your score ? If you want to say .....:)

That was sweet of you to say!SmileI missed numbers 5, 8, 9, and 10Laughing

trysts wrote: I missed numbers 5, 8, 9, and 10

Same here!


8/10 but nowhere close to Kasparov :)


 my IQ is 133 and i'm only 10!!!!!

Norman_Chu wrote:

 my IQ is 133 and i'm only 10!!!!!

*Facepalm* on so many levels.


i missed 2,4 and on 9, i was to lazy to do it.


I got 6/10, but only because I went too quickly on some of them. I thought question 7 had to do with capital cities and answered Bombay. Of course, Rio de Janeiro is not a capital city. I also thought question 5 was a Fibonacci sequence, but 8 and 13 don't add up to 22.

Norman_Chu wrote:

i missed 2,4 and on 9

Same here!


For question no 7 answer can be Bombay also. because rest of the cities are/were capitals of different countries

I solved question no 5 in a different way using method of differences. 3,5,8,13,22, are the numbers. so difference between the consecutive numbers are 2,3,5,9. now take the diffrence again for these numbers, you will get 1,2,4, next difference should be 8 here hence first diffrences series should be 2,3,5,9,17. Therefore missing number in the question should be 39 as 39-22=17


This test measures actual knowledge, which shouldn't have anything to do with IQ.


and IQ isn't everything in chess or IQ's of 160+ would dominate super gm level


I've actually read that Kasparov's IQ was something ridiculously high; like 170-ish.