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    Does anyone know of some good vid makers on youtube with quality information?

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    Search for Kingscrusher ;)

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    ChessNetWork, track him and he will post some good videos.

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    Thanks. Ill try that

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    Yeah ChessNetwork is a great youtube channel:


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    I forgot to mention jrobichess. He has posted some great vids

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    You could look at chess.com videos, some of them are from youtube.

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    I haven't been here very long, so I could be wrong, but aren't those limited to 3 min. or something if you don't have a premium membership?

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    Kingscrusher wrote:
    jtt96 wrote:

    Does anyone know of some good vid makers on youtube with quality information?

    Well I have done one or two videos on:


    I should be soon officially a FIDE Candidate Master as I was over 2200 between 1992 and 1995. I do already carry the British Regional master title which requires a Class A active rating and over 180 ECF for two consecutive seasons. Most of my games are ECF rated, which is why I mention this as well.

    I am usually ranked in the top 30 on the Bullet chess system here, and have beaten GM Janosic a number of times. My average opposition is actually over 2500. 

    On the left of the channel is an index into the videos - so for example Fischer, Kasparov, Puzzles, etc. 

     Thanks. Ive started watching your playlist on the evolution of chess and am enjoying it greatly. I appreciate all the work you put into these videos.

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    you could find them under the search feature.. simply choose channels, under the search options drop down mennu and you see the highest ranked towards the top. dont know how that ranking works exactly as it is not precise. but yes, other than the ones talked about here that would be another way.

    you could also check www.youtubechess.com

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