Android Mobile Chess Problems - Please help!


Hello everyone.  For starters, I am not the most computer savvy person out there,l but I can get most stuff.  I am having a really tough time downloading the mobile app for my htc phone.  I try to go to and it just gives me the page source.   

I tried reading this post but no help here.  

I also tried this link but my phone says it can't find it


Any help on getting mobile chess to work on my phone will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


Try this:

Went over my head, but it might help you.


I was just on that page and it is way over my head.  If anyone else can give me a hand with please, I will appreciate.


Thanks AnthonyCG


Have you tried clicking the very last link on page 2 in the mentioned thread?

There is a download link where Legith has created an Android app from the mobile app for all you Andorid phone users out there. If you haven't try it out. If you have and it doesn't work for you try describing what you experience.


I tried this and it is great.  It it not an android designed app, but it works great.  


Thanks for the help everyone


I will be jumping on board and getting this done soon!