Bullet Game Strategy


Mccarokann, thanks for the advice.  I am a veteran player but no longer have time to seriously study, analyze, and memorize openings and variations.  I did that as a teenager and loved longer games then.  Now, I enjoy bullet games. 


hartofgold, on real bullet chess, its not about moving fast. dont focus on premoving. actually play chess. Its helped me get my uscf bullet rating of 1900 (coughcoughbrag)

but online, look for premove traps. other than that, just play chess, find patterns uick, and only during ur opponets turn.



fullmetal, good advice.  I'll work more on that. I do look for premove traps and set up in advance defensive/offesnive schemes so I can quickly as often as I can.


On many chess sites ICC PLAYCHESS CHESSCUBE, you can moves in the opponent time/turn it really help in  1+0 Wink


Nice Article!


My peak on bullet is around 1630...I am a 1540 curretly. I have played thousands of games of bullet. My advice is to premove only when you are 90%-100% sure that your opponent will play that move. Premoving the early developing moves is key to a time advantage. NEVER PREMOVE EN PESSANTS!!. If your opponent has around 2-4 seconds left on his clock and you are ahead on time, throw in an absurd check to his king (her). This will cause your opponent to stall and think, and throw him off his precious premove. Also, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK. Every check will cause him to think where to go and give you time to think. Always un-pin peices; they might become annyoing in the endgame. 

Always have a plan, a scheme or a general idea of what you will premove/do next. Play like you would if you had 30 min clock. Dont pay attention to the clock a lot. Keep it in mind, but dont dwell on your clock all th time. 

My best tip: 

Zoom in on the board, just enough so the clock is still visible. It will make it easier to move the peices and make premoves easier. Also, play people better than you.--LLCA123


The way focuses are earned or lost first learn to play chess online. numerous exceptionally positioned players just won't chance losing 15 focuses if the lose, and win 1 point on the off chance that they succceed. one motivation behind why i appreciate the unranked recreations.


also, always block\stop andvancing h and a pawns from advancing.


Don't eat food or answer the phone also helps. Besides those two, I can barely imagine anything else that really impacts a Blitz game more.


play faster