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Chess.com "10 + 30 day premium trial membership"

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    I'm confused here. I "paid" for a ten day membership, and now it has ended and I'm automatically being billed for a yearly diamond membership. Knowing that, if I were to cancel for my money back, as a way of "extending" my free trial, when would I cancel it? In 20 days or 30 days?

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    Not good : (

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    alright, thanks mon03. I'll do that. anyone else have an idea?

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    Send a message straight to erik. Not sure if he is in charge but action should be taken more swiftly I believe. : )

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    okay that's been done. I honestly think I should pass this one. After all, we do have a 30 day money back here...

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    dude, all you need is the platinum membership.  its like 7 bucks a month and oddly that turns out to be about 1 penny an hour.  Some people really like Mentor and the Video's but if not the Platinum is perfect and great value.  Im on here like a pathetic 12-14 hours a day so for me I'm happy to pay..  But yea, you do have 30 days to kick the tires!  Cheers

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    I signed up for the Platinum but I was under the assumption you could pay monthly and not all at once. was I wrong?


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