Conditional moves don't work half the time


Hi guys,

ever since the upgrade, I'm having difficulties entering conditional moves.

The screen loads normally, I can make my opponents move as usual, but after I make my own response, the move isn't saved and the screen asks me to make my opponents move again.

This happens about 2 out of 3 times I try to enter a conditional move, so it's not like it's completely broken...

Any ideas on why this happens?


Maybe this helps: it appears to work in tournament games, but not in regular games...


I second that....sometimes they work and sometimes they don't....and that is in tournament games too


I can't get the conditional moves to work at all.  I have tried dozens of times in a few different games.  I use the Firefox browser almost exclusively, so that may be part of it.


report it to


The problem seems to have been resolved. Kudos to Erik and the crew!


I am still not able to get conditional moves to work.  They appear as "saved" however they never seem to get triggered.

BTW, I'm using Google Chrome.


Since the last upgrade (Feb 2012 I think), conditional moves have not been working for me. The moves recorded are completely wrong. For example, in a recent endgame I entered a series of 7 moves, the program recorded the last 4 as f4...