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Game Explorer: My 'Live' games just don't appear...

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    I still don't see any of my 'Live' games in 'Game Explorer'. Is there something that I just don't know about using this? Are there instructions somewhere? This has been going on for a long time...

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    I see that some others have been looking at this post. I found out yesterday (4/3/13) through the Help Forum that Chess.com is simply having much more of a tough time getting the massive number of 'Live' games into the appropriate database than anticipated. At least that's better than the mish mosh of answers that I'd received previously. 

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    Has anything changed? is anything about to change?  They could add this to their premium account holders at least...

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    We're working on this! Unfortunately there isn't really a way we can speed the process up :( As time goes on more and more games will become available. 


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