Game "Drawn by Agreement"


I just lost some points and I'm pretty mad about it... to be exact I just lost 21 points. I had just done a royal fork and took his pieces, and he offered a draw. I declined. He did it again. I ignored it, kept thinking about my move... and then the screen shows 0.5 0.5 Game Drawn by Agreement. I didn't agree! I'm very mad because I would've gotten some needed points, but INSTEAD I would have to lose 21 points because of some stupid bug.

Here's a link to the game:


That sucks. If you have a goal to reach a rating in a certain amount of time, that'd be annoying.


@OP: Did you run out of time?


Join USCF if you want a real raiting. 


@whirlwind2011: No. We had about 23 or 24 minutes each.


Keep playing and you'll earn it back.

There ought to be something to prevent draw spamming though.


Ha!  That's awesome.  I wouldn't worry about it, though.  In OTB games my opponent and I many times agree to a gentleman's draw after move 2 or 3, so I can get home to watch the 1977 Dino DiLaurentiis movie "Orca," about that vengeful killer whale.


I wish my opponents would agree to a draw being a queen and a rook up Money mouth

bobyyyy wrote:

Anyone who has a lost game and offers a draw should be thrown out of

Throw me! Tongue Out