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How do I get "Points"?

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    Member Points: Chess.com keeps track of all of your contributions to the site such as comments, blog posts, forum participation, articles, etc. Each contribution counts for points. This helps members know how involved each other are in Chess.com!

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    Every contribution is worth one point, or are certain things worth more points? And what does one get if he has, say, 1000 points? A fridge? A new Ferrari? Wink
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    some are worth more than others. the kinds of contributions that are more meaningful (articles, etc) are worth more.

    at 1,000 points i get you a free t-shirt Tongue out (as long as they are not achieved through spammy methods)

    UPDATE => Nov 11 2008 - we do NOT give out free shirts anymore (we did this for a few weeks and stopped in 2007).

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    Wow, a Chess.com T-shirt! That's even better than a Ferrari! Wink


    You'd better print that shirt already, since I'm only 984 points away from 1000 points! (983 now!) 

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    Do we really get a free t-shirt at 1000 or were you kidding? ... not that I am anywhere close.

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    sure :) i'll throw in a T-shirt!
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    That's a good, though unrealistic, way of encouraging people to contribute to the site! If it took me 2 months to get 54 points, that means I only have about 18 months to go. :)
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    hehe. that isn't the intention! the point is so that other's know your level of activity. the T-shirt is just for fun :)
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    Well, now points serve two purposes!

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    Well if you spam this topic much longer you might be up there in points.  Wink
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    yeah, but then you wouldn't get the T-shirt....
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    Now ..... that t-shirt encourages me! LOL!

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    Howlingbanshee, I do think erik will see through your sly and cunning plan when this topic has a thousand posts, all made by the same user Wink
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    There is always the option to go to the "Member Store" and buy your own Chess.com shirt. There are many high quality shirts there at reasonable prices.


    I am intending to buy some Chess.com shirts and hats  Smile

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    Matt, that's pure spam! You're just advertising the Chess.com Store now, in a topic that isn't at all about the store! How dare you! Surprised I'll tell Erik unless you buy me one of those shirts too! Wink

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    matt works for chess.com :) he can do whatever he wants.... lol
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    Hmm, is this bribery I sense? hehe. I only brought up the shirt topic since it was previously discussed in an earlier reply.
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    So it's one big conspiracy! Surprised


    If he really works for Chess.com, he can surely get me one of those shirts for free, can't he? Tongue out

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    yes. he'll ship it out as soon as you hit 1,000 ;)
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    Ok, ok... But a nice chess set for the first one to get up to 1000 points would be a very nice incentive!!
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