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    Information request- In Profiles , what are referrals please?

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    On the Start New Game form, you may have noticed it says:

    Leave blank to create an open challenge. Input a member name to challenge directly. Enter an email address if you want to challenge someone who is not yet a Chess.com member!

    If you have Gary Kasparov's email address, you can send him a challenge. If he follows the link, signs up to chess.com, you will have made a successful referral.

    What are you waiting for?

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    Many thanks Art ,for Referral info- could u also explain "Status" please- I'm clicking like mad but box stays blank--Trying to say" I am a man of many parts, some of which are still working !" alternatively" Dinged by Dangling Dong of Destiny. "

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    1. Click on "My Home". (top right)
    2. Click where it says: "Click to set your status" (next to My Status). below and to the right of your picture.
    3. Type Dingly Dongly ...
    4. You're done.
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    Thanks again Art

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    Referrals are people you invite to chess.com...

    Status Box, you'll have to click, type in what you want to say, and press enter.


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    Aye but its still not working- something "no right wrang wi' it yet "

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    After you've typed: "Ding Dong Dell", press RETURN (leave the cursor in the Status text box).

    It doesn't ALWAYS work - updating the status. When it works, you get an edit link next to your status. Keep trying...

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    Eureka !- thank agin Art !

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    Thanks also ADK- whats box meant fot anyway?

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    ADK is currently offline. He handles your support enquiries during the night (GMT time!). ADK's status shows: "Still sick... <ô_ô> (2 hours ago)" - and indeed he does look a bit green in his photo.

    Your (xqsme) status shows: "Still bit of a Ding Dong (23 minutes ago)".   "Your Status is a window into your world that you widen a while (and write wegularly) to give others a wiew into your weird world." - to quote from the site Help.

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    A neat use of My Status is to indicate how long you intend to be online in the current session. If I update it when I log on at 7:30p.m. GMT to say "staying online until 9:30p.m. GMT", then others can be aware - before they challenge me to a game at 9.25p.m. GMT, that I'll probably only be around for 5 minutes worth of moves before turning in.

    As Mr. Wolf can attest, all of us have access to the necessary tools to determine which timezone each of us is in. At 9.25p.m. GMT, My Status will show "staying online until 9:30p.m. GMT (2 hours ago)". It is traditional for status messages such as: "Site going down for maintenance in 5 minutes" to linger for a while after the deadline has passed.

    Of course, if I had been smart enough to set my status to: "staying online for 2 hours", then at 9.25p.m. GMT, My Status will show "staying online for 2 hours (2 hours ago)", and potential opponents can draw their own conclusions.

    Or, I could have set My Status to either "staying online for 2 hours from 7:30p.m. GMT)" or "staying online for 2 hours (until 9:30p.m. GMT)", and now, my potential opponents can determine the time difference between me and them.

    Wind forward to CarlMI's idea of a Universal Clock showing chess.com time. Finally, My Status can say: staying online until 3:30 UCT (Universal Chess.com Time) - which should eliminate all the confusion.

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    Great info thanks- right now I working out easy method of having local time display on view for each opponent- for example please see my new player name

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    xqsme wrote:

    Great info thanks- right now I working out easy method of having local time display on view for each opponent- for example please see my new player name

    Your newly displayed name,  xqsme, includes the string TCF. A quick Google search reveals all: The Compassionate Friends, Treating Customers Fairly, The Clubbing Forum (don't mention seals!), ...

    Rael is getting his head around universally recognised symbols for use in Profiles, Status, etc.

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    Sorry Art- should have said personal name panel .Have already asked Chess.com if UTC could be displayed  beside flag panel but seems programming not too  easy and other work more pressing needs to be done.

    However  I see no reason why interested parties could not themselves enter TCF- Time Correction Factor in to a Profile panel by editing, until such time as a simple adoption of new player name including their  TCF  could perhaps be allowed by Chess.com ; similarly to my own  personal initiative on Home page simply  by adding it as part of my non- mandatory name information .

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    Art, I don't think you need to bother to let us know the 2 hours per day that you sleep and are off chess.com - we can deal with it!  :-)

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    Another puzzle - many current games don't show status boxes?

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    xqsme wrote:

    Another puzzle - many current games don't show status boxes?

    If someone has not changed their status from the default (which is BLANK), then there is no status to be displayed. Is this what you are referring to?

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    Solved Thanks.


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