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Puzzle of the day and mentor won't load??

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    The puzzle of the day board won't load and when I try to open chess mentor the board shows another unplayable board sitting on top of it. I can play live games fine and i've updated and checked java, and also tried reloading. Does anyone know what to do. I want to become premium but if i can't fix this theres no point. If anything in this msg is unclear please tell. Thank you!

  • #2

    which browser are you using and is it updated ?

  • #3

    The older versions of IE have some trouble with chess.com. I would try using chrome.

  • #4

    I've tried it in firefox, IE and Chrome and they all have the same issue. I've used mentor on a friends computer and it was awesome so I really want it at home.

  • #5

    so what is the different between your friend's computer and yours ?

  • #6

    Can't remember what my mates comp is, mine is a dell laptop.

  • #7

    Try use Chrome again, but this time ensure its the latest release of chrome, and also clear all the cookies and cache, see if that helps

  • #8

    my chrome is up to date and i've cleared the cache and cookies. but it still doesn't work. maybe its my comp. thanks for all the help everyone.

  • #9

    My puzzle of the day and mentor is working perfectly fine. Maybe you should  restart the computer? Or, it could be the Java.

  • #10

    It turns out that i thought my chrome was upto date but it wasnt. and now that its updated everything works fine. thanks again for all the help everyone. much appreciated.


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