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rat a tat tat

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    i need my daily dose of anna banana how do i get in touch with her.

    LessonCategoryRatingMy Score
    DOG002 Dubious Novelty 2 Openings 2000 80%
    DOG001 Dubious Novelty 1 Openings 2200 0%
    SVB061 The Relative Values of the Pieces Rules and Basics 1100 16%
    KVK009 3 versus 2 on the Same Flank (Pawns Are Separated) Endgames 2000 60%
    KVK008 3 versus 2 on the  seeSame   Flank see here anna dubious novelty
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    Gosh, I don't know. PM her?

    It doesn't gather attention like capering by the highway, though.

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    now you gonna have trouble explaining what PM mean, he might think it mean Prime Minister. 

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    you need to stop these threads, there are too many, way too many, I cannot keep up, no one can, no one will! please stop,

    and this includes the threads for "Help and Support," it is too many for them,

    please use the link I gave you, remember that one link on "Submit Ticket"

    and leave me a message if you need to ask me something, do not start threads with "anna banana," no more,

    thank you

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    A helpful hint: you might just want to go to a thread where she posted before and click on her name next to the avatar. Works every time.

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