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Reinstall my iPad account Sulisker

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    Automatical With my online games, I had fullscreenboards,sound with each move,etc.Please reinstall! thank you.Wim van der Velde

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    I woulld like to have my full-screen image of the board for each game and switch to the next game with sound etc. back! WvdVelde D D
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    I had full-screen and sound for one day! Thanks, it worked perfectly until

    yesterday I received a message that for maintenance reasons it was impossible to log on with Chess.com just for a short while,patience...  and today I am back as before.Can you please find the error and reinstall full-screen and sound on my Ipad! Thank you W.van der Velde.       

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    @Sulisker- would it be possible for you to send us a screenshot, so that we can see what you see? 


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