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Report Spam HERE! (archived)

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    Spam Reporting Forum


    Nobody likes spam! Chess.com appreciates the help of our forum community to keep the forums free of spam and create an enjoyable place for everyone to discuss Chess! 


    To report spam just leave a comment below! Please be sure to include the following: 

    Spam is any post that is advertising goods or services in multiple threads. Advertising chess equipment, studies, or lessons is permitted if limited to one or two relevant threads.


    In order to process spam reports as efficiently as possible, non-spam reports and spam discussion will be removed.  


    Chess.com takes cheating and abuse very seriously!  To ensure that cheat and abuse concerns are investigated as quickly as possible, we ask that you escalate your report directly to our Support Team rather than post in this forum. Below is a button to take you directly to the report form. 




    Thank you for being a part of Chess.com! We sincerely appreciate all of you who put forth the time and effort to help us keep the forums clear of spam! 


    Note: periodically this forum will be replaced to keep it clear and readable. 

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    How about requiring at least a few days of activity on chess.com (you can measure it in games played, time playing (this one is better), or both, etc.) before one can post? 

    For one thing, it would get rid of the Indian spammers immediately.

    I've posted this suggestion^ before, but it's just been ignored/deleted. Why can't this site just do this? 

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    This isn't even asking much - it's very easy to implement. 

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    The problem is that it's also a restriction on legitimate new users.  Some people actually never play; they like the social aspects of the site.  It's actually a lot more common than you might think to see people who have never played a game or have only played a few games but are active in forums or groups.

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    That is true, however to get rid of Indian spammers forever (or make it too time-consuming for them; they spend a few hours playing games only for their posts to get deleted in a minutes) would be worthwhile, since these social users can (A) ask a mod to simply allow them the privilege, requesting because they are legitimate users, or (B) just play a few legitimate games, since I'm sure most of them know how to play, and enjoy the game.


    The other thing is that once you pass the requirements, you can post forever on your account. 

    This has the added benefit of stopping the users who like to close their accounts and open new ones in a chain - while this may be legal by site rules, it's certainly not right, in my opinion. 


    It's only these users who are the new users who *immediately* go to the forums. I remember when I first came on chess.com, I didn't even know the forums were a thing until about a few months later, by which I'd played many many games. 




    [Let's move this to PMs and leave this thread for reporting spam - MGleason]

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    Once again it's Saturday night and the main forum is clogged with spam.

    Clearly, basic anti-spam measures are not being taken, such as rate-limiting new users. Why can new users create dozens of new topics? A limit of one a day for the first day or two would be more than enough to meet the needs of legitimate new users. There are many commonly used solutions to forum spam that are clearly not being used here.


    [Thanks for letting us know! Cleared it out!]

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    Well, in the few moments since clearing it out, another half-dozen spam threads have appeared.

    You should really have a filter on topic titles: don't allow anything with "black magic," "love problem solution," or long strings of numbers starting with "+91" or "91-". The spam is clearly all from the same person or group of people, and they hardly seem like expert hackers that are hard to block.


    [We have a filter.  They've figured out how to circumvent it.  The developers are working on closing the loophole. - MGleason]

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    Even the word "baba" appears in almost every posting, if you can't filter that out, get a teenager to write a new filter for you...
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    Spam in gcd


    [Got it. To the suggestions, as has been said, there are filters, they just figured out a way past them for now. -- VP]

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    [Thanks! Thread removed - this kind of blatant advertising is not allowed here, even if posted just once - LPS]

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    Does posting 32 times in a row (and counting...) in a blog or article count for spamming?





    Does anyone moderate this?


    Edit: the said posts have been removed, thank you for the reaction happy.png


    Thanks for reporting! We do monitor articles  But of course appreciate your help! 

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    tesslovechess is spamming forums with inappropriate pics which is also his/her/it's avatar.

    [Thanks for reporting! Handled - LPS]

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    Looks like you missed one.

    [Thanks for reporting! Handled - LPS]

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    Post #125 of this topic:


    (from 'intermediatedinoz')

    Totally irrelevant to the topic, purpose is clearly advertizing


    [resolved - MG]

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    f u - Chess Forums - Chess.com

    Thanks, I was about to report abusive spam on Daily Puzzle but it's already been removed happy.png


    Taken care of. Thank you, Foghorn.

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    Offensive statement from @laminerevenge here:


    [Not really spam, but handled - LPS]

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    Just take a look at the second and third pages of the daily puzzle today.


    (Taken care of. Thank you. Foghorn.)

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     There is a member, jolot69 that has spammed a good number of topics in the Books & Equipment forum.


    [Cleaned up most of the posts and contacted the member. Thanks -- VP]

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    Op of this forum topic is spamming other forum topics to rate him.



    [Removed most of the posts and contacted him about it - thanks, David]

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    Are most children not on chess.com kids??? Not trying to take away from your point, just wondering.
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