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Tactics Trainer Analysis board

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    I must be doing something wrong--but I can't get the pieces to move on the tactics trainer analysis board. It just shows the beginning position of the problem, and nothing I do allows me to change/explore the positions given.

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    Perhaps I should have added that I have a Mac--if that makes a difference.

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    I have to move the pieces manually - after looking at the analysis shown beside the board. It's a bit primative.

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    Ah, staff? Geez, you guys are quick enough to take my money every year. Does trins have the answer? Is the analysis board given just a tease? Guess I can pull out the physical board, but that seems a bit silly.

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    I always thought that for some mysterious reason it's supposed to be like that. Undecided

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    When I say I have to move the pieces manually, it's dragging them around on the analysis board that pops up rather than a physical board.

    Ideally, the trainer would be more like the chess tempo site. The way you can move through variations there after the tactic is complete is much more comprehensive.

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    It works! I think I know what I did wrong. It appears to allow only the moves given. When I kept testing it before, I was just trying to move something--I was picking the wrong moves. This last time I stumbled on one of the moves given and it took. So there is nothing wrong with the analysis board, it was operator error. Like I said, I figured I must be doing something wrong.


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