tactics training


In tactics training what does it mean "my rating"

and "problem rating"?

The two are not always identical.

How are the numbers computed?




In Tactics Trainer you earn a rating in the same way you do when playing a game. My Rating is your rating after completing the tactic; Problem Rating is the rating of the tactic -- it is treated as your opponent in the ratings calculations (similar to your opponent in a game).

There is an answer in the help section for Tactics Trainer on how the ratings are computed, based on time to solve, along with links to how the ratings work for chess.com.

Each time a tactic is attempted the problem rating either decreases or increases based on if it was failed (increases) or passed (decreases). Sometimes it (the problem rating) can decrease if you get some points.


Thanks for he explanation.

It was helpful



OHHHHHH that's what it means.

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