Topics I am tracking TWICE or THRICE


Topics I am tracking overlaps a great deal with Topics I have started and Topics I have posted in. This reduces its usefulness; the small number of topics I have explicitly elected to track hide out among the larger number I have contributed to or created.

Presumably topics become candidates for tracking when

  • I create them
  • I post in them?
  • a friend posts in them?
  • a person I am tracking posts in them?

Should tracking be withheld on topics I can already list by virtue of having started them or posted in them?


yes, yes, good question.




You can go to the specific item and you should see a box to check to stop tracking the item which you have set as tracked.


thanks for bringing this up! i'll take a deeper look at the issue.


I had posted in about 100 topics and created about 30. Now that I have explicitly stopped tracking those 130, I can see the half dozen I have explicitly tracked. The consequence of not tracking, I belatedly realise, is that I no longer get alerted when someone else posts in these 130 topics!

Maybe you'd better ignore my earlier post. I'm only tracking these topics ONCE, but they are being shown in TWO or THREE lists. Not such a big deal.