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tournament withdrawal

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    Hello, I would like to report a problem that I have just encountered. Some time ago I entered the 20th Chess.com Quick Knockouts (1401-1600).

    About an hour ago I received a message advising me that the tournament had started and 16 minutes after that I received another message, saying that I had been moved up to the 1601-1800 tournament since my rating had changed since I first registered (which was true).

    I did not wish to play in the 1601-1800 section and I posted a note on the tournament page asking how I could withdraw. I was advised to simply click the Withdraw button, which I did. This seemed to have worked ok and all of my results were displayed as "0" in the cross-table.

    Soon after that, I happened to notice that my rating had plumetted and when I checked, all of the games which I would have played in the tournament had been counted as losses, and rated accordingly, just as if I had actually played!

    I assume that this must be a bug and I would be very grateful if someone could please rectify the situation.

    These games should definitely not be rated because:-

    1) I made no moves at all and I have always understood that games with less than 2 moves on each side are not rated.

    2) The message advising me that I had been transferred to a different section was sent after the tournament had started, so I was not given any opportunity to remove my registration.

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    I'm afraid it's not a bug. Your games had already started and tournament games are always rated. Btw: the tournament home page explains that you will be moved to the appropriate section when the tournament starts.

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    Thank you Sred, so what is your advice?

    How do I get my rating corrected?

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    I don't think you will get it corrected. If you withdraw from a tournament you will lose your ongoing games and these losses will count to your rating. So are the rules.

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    I see Sred, well if those are the rules then is it possible to reinstate me in the tournament please and I will play all of the games.

    The tournament only started about 9 hours ago so I shouldn't have overstepped the time limit yet.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Ok then, it looks as though there is nothing to be done. I will delete this account and start again with a new name.

    I do have a couple of suggestions though, to stop other players falling into the same trap.

    1) If a player is moved to a different section, why not send them a message BEFORE the tournament starts, then they will have the opportunity to cancel their registration if they don't wish to play in the new section.

    2) When a player clicks on the "Withdraw" button on the Tournament page, there should be a warning message, something like "Are you sure that you really wish to withdraw from the tournament? All of your games will be recorded as losses and your rating will be affected". We get a warning like this every time we resign a game, so there is even more need for it when we are affectively resigning 10 games at once!

    Thank you for taking the time to explain the rules, I will try to remember in future.

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    You could contact support (if you haven't yet), but I don't think they can do something about it.

    As to your suggestion, I would also expect a warning dialog when withdrawing from a tournament. There really isn't one?

    Btw: I think there is a dedicated thread to collect suggestions. If you want the staff to notice your ideas, you should post there.

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    The message that you would be transferred to a different tournament if your rating increases is displayed when you sign up. Standard for all official tournaments.


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