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Vacation Time

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    I think I had about 20 days of vacation time left before this weekend, went away, and come back having lost lots of games on time and having 0 days of vacation left on my account??!! Some of those were key matches in tournaments etc. and now I've lost them. Could someone clarify what has happened here please!!!


    Tom (brfc)

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    You've been here two and a half years and finished 1178 games. I'm sure that you know how to handle vacation time.


    Also, your premium time-out protection never kicked in, which is strange.


    Maybe you've been the victim of a bug.


    I'd send a ticket to support, as quickly as possible.

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    Yeah I've heard of this happening before and the person told chess.com and got their games restored

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    I've sent a ticket and hoping they can be restored. 

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    bad luck


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