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Aborting games

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    I really want to play everyone without exception.  Yet I am forced to abort some games during my computer security updates, otherwise my board position frequently locks up and I get credited with a loss.  Other times I abort because my opponent will not make there first move as white or when I am interrupted by a family member.  The only way I know to avoid these types of aborts is to stay online and take a loss.  Other times I abort when my board has no sound.  I don't know why sometimes I don't get sound; but if I log off and back on, it usually returns.

    I have received a warning that I may be banned from playing if I abort to many more games.  Does anyone else have the sound problem or the solution.

     I really want to play and be polite to everyone.  I would appreciate suggestions and comments.  Thank you very much. 

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    The best solution is to try to not abort so many games. It is based on a percentage so play more games without aborting and you shouldn't have to worry. I'm not sure what that percentage is, but if you play 90% of your games without aborting or disonnecting you should be fine (I'm guessing).

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    Litevibe, everyone sees that warning on aborting games but please be assured your account is not even close to being restricted in any way :)

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    Thank you for your reassurance. 

    I do wish I could solve the loss of sound on my live chess board, that has recently been occurring about every 10th game on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.  If I click on the board and don't hear any sound, I have been aborting the game.  When I do abort a game for that reason I try to apologize to my opponent.

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    Do you have the latest Flash installed?

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    Thank you Kohai.  I will check that out.

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    Thank you again Kohai, I downloaded Flashplayer and everything seems to be working better.

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    Cool :) thanks for letting me know.

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    Hi every1 that also sometimes happens to me, but I use an iPad so that might be it

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