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Can I report people for deliberately wasting time and stuff like that

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    because im here with two rooks and 7 pawns against a lone king and they wont resign or move, just tanking the time bank =/

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    @OP: In Online Chess, such games take care of themselves. The clock will eventually force the game to progress; meanwhile, you may play as many games as you like.

    In Live Chess, if your opponent stalls or abandons the game, his/her account will automatically be flagged via the Fair Play Policy, so you don't need to report your opponent.

    If this happens in a tournament, then stalling could delay dozens or hundreds of people. In that case, you can report the game to the staff in a Support Ticket, and if your opponent is clearly stalling in the staff's opinion, they will adjudicate the game.

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    As long as you don't time out yourself, you should eventually win.  I wouldn't bother the admins about it, as they have plenty to do already without handling complaints all the time.  It will resolve itself in your favor.  Your opponent needs to grow up, but there is nothing you can do to speed up that process for him/her.

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    you can always set up conditional moves-in online chess that is (particularly if there's only a handful of moves available to your opponent). By agreeing to play the game, you agreed to the time limit, and it's not against the rules for an opponent to take all of the time he is allotted per move. 

    With regards to the single king versus a bunch of other material-he/she may be hoping for a stalemate-at which point there's probably not much you can say or do to convince him/her to resign instead, which is annoying but you can't do much about it, other than hope he/she times out, or take the time to checkmate him/her.

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    Ok thankyou


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